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Legislação Régia

National Parliament

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1 Problem

  • Need to implement a system to sell, charge, manage and read official publications from Cape Verde National Press;
  • Information system must be tailored to the local legislation, regarding the bulletin information which must be shown to users, available payment options e access conditions;
  • The entire bulletin archive must be searchable.

2 Approach

  • Adopt the Digital Publishing solution developed by Metatheke and implemented in Cape Verde's;
  • Create a graphical identity which relates to the printed bulletin.

3 Solution

  • Payment system integrated with Visa/ Vinti4 gateway;
  • E-commerce solution with different rates: individual or group buys, with different subscription models;
  • Search capabilities: by content, publication dates, number, and more;
  • Online bulletin viewer, with different reading options and bookmarking and clipping functionalities.



Assinatura Digital is an adaptation of the Recortes solution developed by Metatheke, which provides access to digital versions of Impresa Publishing's publications with a computer or tablet. Subscribers have access to issues which are part of their subscriptions and can read even new issues even before they reach the newsstands. The reading area is available in single or double page modes, and allows users to cut and save articles, print, zoom and search the contents of any issue.


The Legislação Régia project aims to provide legislation corresponding to the period between 1603 and 1910 in a web platform.

The developed web solution makes available to the user documents of this era and its associated information in an intuitive and easy to use way.


Recortes is a platform that sells (single copies or subscriptions) and makes available for reading various publications (with greater emphasis on regional newspapers and specialized magazines). Being an online solution, all publications are part of an repository users can search and access. The viewer allows browsing, downloading, bookmarking, and clipping publication.