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1 Problem

  • Reduce logistic costs related to book production and distribution;
  • Sell electronic books in a secure environment;
  • Reach new markets and take advantage of new business models including multiplatform visualization, renting, and integration in libraries catalogs.

2 Approach

  • Create a web based platform to enable eBook selling and renting;
  • Integrate the client's catalog in the EUeBooks distribution network;
  • Adopt Adobe's DRM (Digital Rights Management) to provide secure eBook transactions and reading.
  • 3 Solution

  • Digital editions selling and renting solution;
  • Integration of the catalog management system in the EUeBooks, simplifying the client's management and maintenance work;
  • Integration of the EUeBooks checkout system;
  • Enabled reading in different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) and eBook reading devices;
  • Search mechanism.

    Description is a platform which provides eBook distribution and monetization services. Partnering with a wide range of world renowned publishers, EUeBooks works as a content aggregator and distributor, offering commerce and integration services targeted at companies and teaching institutions.

    The information system developed by Metatheke to support the EUeBooks network includes the following functional modules:

    • Integrated catalog and service management system;
    • Centralized checkout system offering several payment methods;
    • Integrated system for digital libraries;
    • Integrated system for resellers;
    • Integration services for third-party interoperation;
    • DRM (Adobe Content Server®) and repository management system.



    MyEbooks is an online store dedicated to selling ebooks. It is integrated in the EUeBooks network and offers users its wide book catalog.

    Users can not only buy but also rent selected eBooks during a predefined period of time for a significantly lower price.